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NOHA Ken Neeb Memorial Award - Erynne Prescott

Every year, the NOHA recognizes the many Officials and Volunteers who contribute to the game in Northern Ontario. Traditionally, these individuals are recognized at the NOHA Annual General Meeting, however due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be acknowledging all award winners via the NOHA website and our various social media platforms from April 14 to April 23, 2020.

Ken Neeb Memorial Award Winner – Erynne Prescott (Capreol)

In the 15 years of Erynne being involved in the Capreol Minor Hockey Association, Erynne gained confidence in all decisions being made. Confident that she is smart, resourceful, and bold enough to help/figure out any predicament that would occur, she is ALMOST incapable of discouragement.

Erynne travelled a long road to get where she is today and working beside her has been an honor.

Erynne started as the Time-Keeper Convenor, and as the times changed she became the Manager to our kids hockey team. She stayed in this position until our children were done with the midget division. During these years Erynne had done almost every position on the Board. The only 2 positions she didn’t do was equipment manager and secretary. Which brings her to the Position of President that she does so well today.

She did take the position of past president; the Association needed her back in her position as President because Capreol Minor Hockey was falling apart. It has taken time to get CMHA back on its feet but she did it.

Erynne has no child or relative in Capreol Minor Hockey the volunteer hours she steps up to do is all out of the passion she has to make Capreol Minor Hockey great.

About the Ken Neeb Memorial Award

This special achievement award will be presented to those individuals, other than athletes, who have made an outstanding contribution to minor hockey in Northern Ontario. The award was established in 1975 in memory of the late Ken Neeb, NOHA convener for the Noranda district. Ken was a great promoter of minor hockey and was one of the founding members of the Kiwanis PeeWee Hockey Tournament, held annually in Noranda during the month of February.

Schedule for announcements


  • April 14, Most Deserving Official – Deborah Topash (North Bay)

  • April 15, Most Improved Official – Nicholas Folz (Sault Ste. Marie)

  • April 16, Most Promising Official (Keith Barton Memorial Award) – Gabe Hare (M’Chigeeng)

  • April 17, Jim Conners Award – Corey Jackson (Sault Ste. Marie)

  • April 20, Rick F. Albert Memorial Award – Stephen Surcon (Schumacher)

  • April 21, Dr. Tom Pashby Trainer of the Year – Dr. Robert Lafontaine (Timmins)

  • April 22, Ken Neeb Memorial Award – Erynne Prescott (Capreol)

  • April 23, Angus Campbell Merit Award

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