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The Hockey Canada Coach 1 and Coach 2 clinics are now offered on demand and will replace the old “Intro to Coach” and “Coach Level” qualifications. These courses will be followed up with schedule continuous education sessions hosted by the NOHA. Please note the additional sessions are built into the costs of your initial course.


Hockey University has been phased out, and there is no longer a Hockey University Online Coach 1/2 prerequisite.


Please contact NOHA Technical Director Jacob Brown, with any questions concerning clinic enrollment or qualification needs.

Note: Some clinics are still under construction for the season. We appreciate your patience.

Current Clinics




Hockey Canada’s National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) is a competency-based program. The program enables coaches to build their coaching tools and knowledge of the game, so they can work effectively with their players.


Hockey Canada Coaching Resources


The Hockey Canada Coaching structure is made up of:

  • Community Coach Stream  | Coach 1 | Coach 2

  • Competition Introduction Stream | Development 1 | Development 2

  • Competition Development Stream | High Performance 1 | High Performance 2

  • Instructional Stream | Skating | Checking | Skills | Goaltending | Defencemen

The NCCP Coaching Overview reviews each stream in-depth.

Hockey Canada Coaching FAQ

Coach 1 - Intro to Coach Materials

Hockey Canada Coach 1 - Intro to Coach Reference Material

NCCP U7/U9 On-Ice Skills

NCCP U7/U9 Skating

Hockey Canada U7 Gameplay Guidelines

Coach 2 - Coach Level Materials

Hockey Canada Coach 2 - Coach Level Reference Material

Hockey Canada Coach 2 - Coach Level Workbook

Hockey Canada Coach Level Team Play Package

Development 1 Materials

Make Ethical Decisions Coach Workbook

NCCP Development 1 Workbook - Session 1

NCCP Development 1 Workbook - Sessions 2&3



In any contact sport, some injuries are inevitable. Hockey is no exception, and with the speed of the game, the presence of skate blades, sticks, and boards, the potential for injury always exists. Many of the common injuries can be avoided with proper preparation and good protection.

The HTCP is designed to educate people in the prevention, recognition and management of hockey-related injuries and is the only sport-specific risk management, injury management and safety education program in Ontario.

HTCP Online Level One Trainers Course

Trainer Resources

HTO Resources

Hockey Canada Injury Report Form

Rapport de Blessure

Medical Information Sheet

Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Concussion Card

Return to Play Form

HTCP Level II Information


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