Tournaments cannot be scheduled before October 8th, 2021.

NOHA Tournament Reconciliation Responsibilities

NOHA Initiation Jamboree Policy

OHF Bulletin - Tournament Travel 2021

NOHA Tie Breaking Rules - 2 Teams

NOHA Tie Breaking Rules - 3-5 Teams

NOHA Tie Breaking Rules - 6 Teams


To host a tournament within the NOHA, an Association must:


Prior to the tournament:

Complete Hockey Tournament Sanction (sixty days prior to start of tournament)

Sanction Fees ($100.00 per sanction)

-Cheque or E-transfer
Tournament Rules & Regulations
Completed Application (signed by Association President)

If the Application is not completed in full or any requested items are not included, your request will
be returned to you UNAPPROVED.

Proposed list of teams must be submitted to the NOHA Office and Council Director 10 days prior to the start of the tournament.

During the tournament:

All teams must submit a Team Tournament Permission form from the NOHA Office to the Tournament Committee. If a team does not have a permit they are ineligible to participate. Teams from outside the NOHA will have written permission from their respective Member Partner.

All teams must submit an approved HCR roster to the Tournament Committee. If a team does not have an approved HCR roster then they are ineligible to participate.

ONLY the players and bench staff approved on the HCR Roster are eligible to participate. It is the tournament’s responsibility to ensure participant approval. Gamesheets will be verified by the NOHA Office.

After the tournament:

Submit completed tournament reconciliation form (which was included with tournament sanction) to the
NOHA Office sixty (60) days after the completion of the tournament.

Submit all game sheets, tournament permits, final game schedule and approved HCR rosters to the NOHA

Please refer to Regulation 12 of the NOHA Constitution for further clarification.

NOHA sanctioned tournaments will be added to the NOHA website once approved by the Council Director.
It is suggested the earlier you submit your application to the NOHA office, the more exposure your
tournament will receive.

All NOHA Sanctioned Tournaments must abide by Regulation 12 in the NOHA Constitution in its entirety.