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May 1st  

- Final Date for entering Junior A & B Teams               

- Applications for new Rep Teams and Teams returning from a Leave of Absence must be submitted to the NOHA Office

May 15th 

- Final Date for entering AAA Teams

August 15th  

- Association/League Membership Fees Due

September 1st    

- Final Date for entering Representative Teams

October 1st

- Final Date to enter House League Teams

- Final Date to apply to host the NOHA Tournament of Champions

November 15th

- House League Player Registrations must be submitted to the NOHA Office

December 1st

- NOHA Tournament of Champions Team Applications and Fees due

January 10th

- Final date to Release Minor Hockey Players

- Junior Teams must must reduce roster to 23 Players, two of whom must be Goaltenders

January 15th

- Final Date to register Affiliated Players

January 20th

- New AAA Team/League applications must be submitted to the NOHA Office

February 10th

- Final Date to register Players and Staff


- NOHA Representative and House League Tournament of Champions

March 15th

- NOHA Awards Nominations Due

- NOHA Executive Nominations Due

- NOHA AGM Motions Due


 - NOHA Annual General Meeting

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