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Get 50% Off the Hockey Canada Network App

The Hockey Canada Network gives coaches and players the tools to succeed with drills, skills, videos, practice plans and articles on your tablet or phone.


  • Hundreds of coach skill video demonstrations.

  • Hockey Canada Skills Manuals, and Weekly Practice Plans including for each age level.

  • TSN World Junior Skills from 2010 to 2021.

  • Over 1,500 drills each including a drill diagram, video demonstration, skill description, key teaching points, and a Team Canada game clip highlighting how each skill is used in a game.

  • Subscription holders will also have the ability to create, customize, and share Training Plans and will receive practice plans and Hockey Canada’s recommended Drills of the Month specific to their program level at the start of each month.

Member Branches / Minor Hockey Associations / Coaches looking for access to the Hockey Canada Network? Use the promo code NOHA21at to save 50% on an annual premium subscription. Upon expiry of a paid subscription, all subsequent subscriptions are $10 annually for a 1 year renewal.


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