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NOHA Hotel Policy

The Northern Ontario Hockey Association (NOHA) is committed to promoting healthy environments for all of their players, coaches, officials, participants and businesses who provide services to those participating in hockey programs.

As part of this commitment, NOHA has developed a Hotel Code of Conduct Policy to address the issues of unruly behaviours at Hotels that provide accommodation to our hockey players, staffs and families.


Hosting hockey teams in Northern Ontario is becoming more and more difficult for Hoteliers.

In order to curb unwelcome behaviour at their establishments, Hotels have had to resort to hiring off-duty police officers to provide security.

Typically, it costs on average $1100.00 per night for off duty police officers. This means for a 3-night tournament, hotels have to pay $3300.00 in order to have extra security in order to control the behaviour of guests associated to the event.

Other issues that are faced by hoteliers include:

· Having to provide a complimentary stay to guests who were disturbed by the behaviours of guests associated to hockey teams.

· Negative feedback and reviews from patrons whose hotel experience was negatively impacted by hockey teams staying at their hotel.

· Staff who book sick due to hockey teams staying at the hotel.

Some hotels have started to reconsider hosting hockey teams. This negatively impacts tournaments as well as teams who are attempting to find suitable accommodations.


The purpose of this Hotel Code of Conduct Policy is to:

a. Promote a spirit of collaboration between the stakeholders in the NOHA and hotels so that requisite out of town accommodation can be maintained and obtained for hockey events.

b. Inform participants about the costs and repercussions associated to managing unruly hockey guests at Hotels in Northern Ontario.

c. Establish guidelines and consequences for inappropriate conduct at hotels.


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