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Coniston Novice Team Gives Back - Sudbury Star

(Photo Credit SVKing Photography)

This story is being shared with permission from the Sudbury Star. Written by Ben Leeson. Visit the original story HERE

Loni Shannon knows that players and parents alike were disappointed when the Coniston Flames novice hockey team had to cancel the remainder of its season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shannon is well aware, too, that many of their families are now under greater financial strain due to the pandemic, so she’s all the more impressed by their recent donation of $1,000 to the Sudbury Hospice Foundation.

“They were supposed to go to the Valley East Renegades tournament at the end of the season and then, with everything that happened, it got cancelled,” said Shannon, whose son, Tyler, played for the novice Flames this season. “We got our money back, so we were trying to decide what to do, because it’s a lot of money, you know? And one of the dads, just from personal experience, suggested that maybe we should give it to the hospice. We put out a survey, asking if everyone wanted their money back, or if they would like to put it towards the hospice, and everyone said the hospice.

“I think it’s a real feel-good thing, especially in these times. It’s a great group of parents and a great group of kids that we had this year for the team, and it’s just nice to hear about that generosity.”

Shannon’s own family has a personal connection to the hospice. Her husband’s grandmother spent some time there before passing away last year, and her son raised money by collecting bottle caps.

“He ended up with garbage bags of these things by the time he was done calling out to people and had a bunch donated,” Shannon said. “He has a special feeling for the hospice, too, with everything they did for his great grandma.

“Everyone is touched by the hospice at one point or another.”

Members of the Coniston Flames novice team include Hunter Whiting, Leah Lavoie, Oliver Smith, Hendrix Myre, Jonah Gervais, Tyler Racine, Peyton Julien, Kashton Roy, Tyler Shannon, Jordyn Desjardins, Lily Anderson, Taylor Tymchuk, Wyatt Desjardins, Nicholas Kennedy, Lukas Wilson, Jason Marcotte, Oliver Wilson and Elliot Sanche and coaches Greg Tymchuk, Jason Desjardins, Yves Gervais and Noah Sanche.

“Especially during times like this, for them to come up with that, I think it’s great for them to have come up with that, and the parents as well,” Shannon said. “I know everyone is going through their own financial difficulties through all of this, so to be able to give back like that was very selfless.”

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