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Coaching Education and Player Development Go Hand in Hand

Giving back to the hockey community was just one of the reasons why NOHA Coach Mitch Hachez began volunteering, but he still holds it up as the most important.

“I played a lot as a kid and wanted to give back to my son and all the kids in Ontario,” he says. Hachez is detail-oriented, and has a strong focus on being up-to-date or ahead of the curve on the latest courses being offered through Hockey Canada.

When he heard about the NOHA Development Weekend, he jumped at the opportunity. With the chance to be taught by prolific Coaches like Don McKee, Adam Dennis, and Mike McParland, Hachez viewed the weekend as the next step to continuing his own coaching education.

“It has helped to have someone from the NOHA in a room taking the time to show, to point out little details you would miss on your own,” he explains.

Even though Hachez has a son in hockey, he points out the importance of being there for every player, and for having the right reasons to get involved.

“Hockey is a family thing,” he says, “you can’t be doing it for yourself.”

His advice for new or prospective coaches is to give back the life lessons learned from hockey. Giving back is important, creating a fun, challenging, and unforgettable experience for a new generation of hockey players.

The NOHA Development Weekend took place August 11-13th, 2017, with Coaches, Players, and Officials from all over Northern Ontario participating.

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