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This Hockey Season, W.A.I.T. Before you Act to Keep Hockey Safe and Fun!

The NOHA has seen a dramatic increase in behaviours not conducive with good sportsmanship during and after game play. Far too often, we have to investigate complaints about behaviours that reflect poorly on our sport and are damaging to to the recipients of these actions. The majority of these investigations lead to suspensions.

It is the NOHA’s goal to eliminate these behaviours from the hockey arenas in Northern Ontario. In order to achieve the goal of reducing these incidents, we are asking everyone to W.A.I.T. before they do something that they will likely regret later.

PLAYERS - Before you say an inappropriate comment - Why Am I Talking?

COACHES - Before you berate officials for a missed call - What Am I Teaching?

PARENTS - Before you yell from the stands - What Am I Teaching?

We are asking ALL of our stakeholders to utilize this strategy to eliminate maltreatment both on and off the ice.

We believe that before you act out - W.A.I.T. - and think about the implications of what you are about to do.

If you see a teammate - coach - parent getting angry and about to lash out - just look at them and say W.A.I.T.

By adopting this strategy, we can continue to work toward changing the culture in our sport, and making hockey a safe space for everyone to enjoy the greatest game in the world.

Here is NOHA 3rd Vice President Craig Maki with more information on the genesis of the acronym:

How to Get Involved:

  • Access the W.A.I.T. Toolkit to find the W.A.I.T. sign, banners, and videos to post on your website and social media.

  • Post the W.A.I.T. sign on your website and arenas.

  • Share the message on social media

Together, we can make sure hockey remains the greatest sport in the world.


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