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Most Improved Official Award - Roch Gagnon, Sturgeon Falls

The Most Improved Official Award is presented to the Official who has shown the most improvement within their officiating calibre of hockey. This is the Official who has progressed the most through their attendance at clinics/seminars and their on-ice efforts, is receptive to feedback during supervisions; applies the suggestions in future games, has shown an interest and dedication to officiating in their District, has shown an interest in improving at their craft by asking for feedback, and has progressed during the season to be able to officiate higher levels of hockey.

Congratulations to this year’s Most Improved Official: Roch Gagnon of Sturgeon Falls, Ontario.

Check out our interview with Roch:

The NOHA Awards will continue to be announced this week:

Wednesday, May 12th: Most Deserving Official Award Thursday, May 13th: Keith Barton Memorial Award Friday, May 14th: Jim Conners Memorial Award


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