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Hockey Canada Pathway to Coverage

What are Pathway to Hockey programs?

  • Pathway to Hockey programs (commonly known as try hockey programs) are designed to provide fun, safe and affordable introduction to hockey opportunities to all Canadians. These are programs that are run and managed by Local Hockey Associations – with the objective of growing their membership. Pathway to hockey programs can be a simple ball hockey initiative or a 12-week program that teaches skating or the fundamentals of the game. Key objectives for this initiative are as follows:

    • Provide an opportunity for Local Hockey Associations to expand their introductory programming offerings, leading to increased accessibility, diversity and inclusiveness

    • Ensure that all participants and programs are insured and managed in accordance with our shared values and standards

    • Remove a component of the cost barrier (insurance) for program participants

    • Track participants and their hockey journey, leading to greater understanding of retention and sustainability

    • Collect best practices and innovative ideas, including identification of opportunities to share with others and/or scale in other areas

Read the Hockey Canada Pathway to Coverage FAQ for more information, or visit the Hockey Canada Website

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