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Congratulations NOHA Priority Selection Draftees!

Congratulations to everyone selected in the OHL Priority Selection! The NOHA is incredibly proud to have a number of players selected. Go North!

Read more about the process HERE

Good luck to all players eligible for the OHL U18 Draft Wednesday, April 8th at noon! Watch live HERE


Profiles from Doug Bonhomme, written by Ben Leeson at the Sudbury Star

Connor Toms

D, Soo Junior Greyhounds midget

5-10, 160

A skilled offensive defenceman with some swagger, who can make plays.

“Toms is a very gifted skater,” Bonhomme said. “Even if you never saw a hockey game, you’d say that guy could skate, you know? And he’s very nifty with the puck.”

Mason Chitaroni

D, Soo Junior Greyhounds midget

5-10, 160

A strong defender and skater, who enjoys jumping into the rush.

“Chitaroni is a really good skater, too,” Bonhomme said.” He shoots the puck a little more than Toms and he plays a little bit harder game.”

Devin Mauro

F, Soo Junior Greyhounds midget

5-6, 140

Smaller, but super skilled, with a great shot. Has been an offensive machine at every level.

“He was a top-end scorer in the league,” Bonhomme said. “He’s a small guy, but there’s a lot of small guys in the draft and he can score. If you’re strong enough and you can hit the back of the net, you can play.”

Brett Richardson

F, North Bay Trappers minor midget

6-1, 165

Showed good hockey sense and improved as the season went on.

“He’s a guy who’s similar to Shanks,” Bonhomme said. “They’re got the tools and maybe when they mature a bit, they’ll come through, but they’ve got the tools to do it.”

Callum Craft

D, North Bay Trappers minor midget

6-1, 160

An offensive defenceman who can pinch, distribute the puck and help run a power play.

“He’s pretty crafty,” Bonhomme said with a laugh. “He plays a smooth game and I like him.”

Noah Beaulne

G, Sudbury Wolves minor midget

6-2, 160

Big, athletic goaltender who played well all year behind a team that wasn’t a powerhouse.

Chase Lefebvre

F, North Bay Trappers minor midget

6-0, 140

Offensive catalyst for his team, plays with pace.

“He does some tricky stuff, if you want to call it that,” Bonhomme said. “If there’s no play, he makes something out of it, you know?”

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