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Congratulations OHF Awards Winners

A special congratulations to NOHA winners Claude Denomme, Jim McLoughlin, Jillian Marchand, and Kiersten Maitland!

Eight individuals were recognized for their dedication and commitment to the betterment of hockey in the Ontario Hockey Federation at the annual Awards Banquet last week.

At the conclusion of each season, the OHF hosts their annual Awards Banquet to recognize individuals outstanding contribution to the game. While it was apparent through recipients messaging that each individual hadn’t entered into volunteering in and supporting the branch for the recognition that comes along with doing their job so well, the OHF would not be able to provide the game of hockey to its 250,000 members without their tireless support and effort - and for that reason we are proud to present the following awards to these deserving individuals:

For his outstanding achievement and involvement in the area of hockey development within the OHF, we are proud to present the Bill Richmond Memorial Award to Rob Ring Ontario Minor Hockey Association.

For her significant contribution to goodwill and cooperation among the OHF companions and Board, the OHF is proud to present the Christine Penman Companion Award to Jillian Marchand Northern Ontario Hockey Association

For his outstanding achievements in exemplifying dedication to amateur hockey and the mission of the Branch, the OHF is proud to present the Dr. Allan Morris Award to Claude Denomme (NOHA).

For his involvement in the officiating program, contribution to the game, officiating skills and influence he has had on amateur hockey within the Branch, the OHF is proud to present the Officiating Award to Chris Chapman Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario, Ontario Hockey Association, Ontario Hockey League

For his dedication and service to amateur hockey the OHF is proud to present the Order of Merit Award to Jim McLoughlin (NOHA).

For exemplifying the commitment to the values and objectives of the OHF and its Member Partners, and for showing commitment and dedication for the betterment of the game of hockey the OHF is proud to present Kiersten Maitland with the OHF Staff Award (NOHA).

For her outstanding commitment and significant contribution to the game the OHF is proud to present the Volunteer of the Year Award to Helen Ford (OMHA).

For his valuable contribution, service and leadership to amateur hockey throughout the Branch the OHF is proud to present the President’s Award to John Neville GTHLHockey.

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