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Canadian Tire First Shift Hosting Applications Open to April 1

Hockey Canada is now accepting applications from Minor Hockey Associations to host the Canadian Tire First Shift in the 2019/20 Season. The Canadian Tire First Shift is a six-week “Try Hockey” Program, where new hockey players are fitted head to toe in Bauer gear and receive six ice sessions focused on teaching technical skills all for $199.00. The main outcome of this program is to recruit new hockey players to your organization.

A Minor Hockey Association that successfully receives a Canadian Tire First Shift’s main responsibilities are the following (but not limited to):

  • Securing a large events hall to host the Welcome Event.

  • Securing volunteers to assist at the Welcome Event.

  • Securing six one-hour ice slots that are at a consistent time and arena.

  • Securing a team of instructors to lead the ice sessions.

How the NOHA Supports a Minor Hockey Association that hosts a Canadian Tire First Shift Program:

  • In previous years, there have been subsidies available to offset the cost of the ice for the Canadian Tire First Shift Program.

  • Assistance in planning. The NOHA has planned two Canadian Tire First Shift Programs in the Greater Sudbury Region that were resounding successes. We will be able to provide your association with support to ensure your event is a success as well.

  • Opportunity to host a Coach 1 – Intro to Coach or Coach 2 – Coach Level Clinic if the parents of the registered players are interested in getting into coaching.

Minor Hockey Associations interested in hosting a program can visit

Questions regarding the program itself can be answered by

The deadline for MHAs to apply is April 1st, 2019. Questions regarding how the NOHA supports the Associations running the program can be sent to NOHA Technical Director, Andrew Corradini at (705) 474-8851 or

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