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Hockey Canada Network - October Drills of the Month

Dear Coaches,

As the Hockey Canada Network enters its third full season, we remain dedicated to ensuring that all coaches have the tools needed to help their players succeed. At the start of every month, we will be sharing our recommended Drills of the Month for coaches of every level. The drills will be shared through Hockey Canada Teams within the Network App. Follow the instructions below to join our Teams.

We wish you the best of luck this hockey season!

If you already have an account, select the link that corresponds to your program level to join and receive the Drills of the Month. You can join as many teams as you would like to.

Initiation Coaches

Novice Coaches

Atom – Peewee Coaches

Bantam – Midget Coaches

Goaltending Skills

Parent Information

If you are new to the Hockey Canada Network, follow the instructions below to set up your free account:

Android and iOS Systems:

The Hockey Canada Network is available to Android and iOS users. Any Smartphone, Android tablet or iPad user will be able to download the App and preview the layout of Hockey Canada Network and become familiar with the great digital resources available to coaches. The free version of the App will allow users to receive “shared information” from coaches or MHA administrators. Anyone with the full account can push any of the content to someone with an account.

The Hockey Canada Network can be downloaded by searching Hockey Canada Network in the App or Google Play Stores.

If you would like to purchase a premium account at a discounted price, follow the instructions below to purchase an access code:

Click on the HC Network App Link:

Go to the “Subscribe” Page to begin the purchase process.

The PROMO Code is HCCERT2017 and should be entered on the third screen after the email addresses have been entered.

Please note when purchasing multiple codes, there are two choices. All the unique access codes are emailed directly to the purchaser. Or, the contact could batch upload the email addresses of all the coaches and the codes will be sent individually to each coach email address entered into the purchasing system. The purchaser can use a .csv file to batch upload email addresses to the purchase.

Here is a step by step process for ordering:

  1. Go to the last web page <<Subscribe>> on the top menu bar,

  2. Enter the number of Access Codes to be purchased,

  3. Enter 1 email address for bulk delivery or enter individual emails to have each coach delegate receive an email with their code (this is the best way because the user gets “download information” in an email),

  4. Enter your Promo Code HCCERT2017 to the left of the APPLY button - then click the APPLY button to change the pricing,

  5. Enter credit the card information and click pay to complete the purchase process.

It is key to keep in mind that when the order process is started, the first screen will show the full price. The purchaser goes to the next screen and enters the promo code and hits return. This will generate a new price (the equivalent of $23.00 CDN per code purchased). Then the purchaser can go to the payment screen, enter a credit card and complete the transaction. The codes are quickly returned to the purchaser or sent directly to the coaches based on the option the purchaser choses.

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