In any contact sport, some injuries are inevitable. Hockey is no exception, and with the speed of the game, the presence of skate blades, sticks, and boards, the potential for injury always exists. Many of the common injuries can be avoided with proper preparation and good protection.


Perhaps one of the most vital contributions the coach, trainer, parent, and the player can make to the enjoyment and future potential of the game, is to prevent injuries. Equally important is the ability to recognize injuries that can have serious complications both at the time of injury and in future years of play.


Responding to the needs at all levels of hockey, clinics have been developed that will allow interested and conscientious hockey people to learn more about injury prevention and hockey first aid. Unfortunately, it is not possible at most amateur games to have highly trained, qualified medical personnel on hand. It is our aim to provide basic knowledge to, and create awareness with, all hockey coaches, managers and trainers, in the area of recognition and immediate care of injured hockey players.


The clinics can be taken for information only, or as part of the certification process in the Hockey Trainers Certification Program. It is hoped that each amateur hockey team will have at least one certified person in the arena at all times.

A Hockey Trainer?


The hockey trainer of today is much more than the person who simply hands out water bottles and tapes sticks. The hockey trainer is a highly respected and important part of any hockey team. The HTCP endeavors to provide an educational ladder for trainers to climb.


Who: The hockey trainer can be a person who has a true interest in the well being and safety of our hockey youth.

What: The hockey trainer is an individual who provides care and prevention of athletic injuries.

Where: Any team in Ontario is eligible to have a certified trainer on its staff regardless of competition or age level.

How: The hockey trainer may obtain certification in level I, II or III as he or she grows in confidence and interest.

When: Clinics are held upon request from your hockey association throughout the year.

These clinics (HTCP Level I, II, III) can be taken for information only, or as part of a certification process.

Why a Trainers Certification Program?


Through the Hockey Trainers Certification Program (HTCP), the Hockey Development Centre for Ontario and its members provide the necessary education to improve the trainer’s ability to deal with various injury situations.

The HTCP first began certifying trainers in 1980. Since 1980 the HTCP has continued to refine and improve in order to provide trainers with an excellent means of obtaining personal knowledge and practical skills.


The Purpose of the HTCP


  • To standardize the methods and techniques of hockey trainers in the Province of Ontario.

  • To provide a standard of care for all hockey teams at any level of competition.

  • To provide a progressive training process for hockey trainers.

  • To provide a means of communication and feedback for all trainers (participants and instructors).

  • To assist in the preparation of a safe environment for players and bench personnel.