Hockey Canada Mission Statement


“We dedicate ourselves to the advancement of amateur hockey, for all individuals, through progressive leadership, by ensuring meaningful opportunities and enjoyable experiences, in a Safe, Sportsmanlike environment.”

All coaches and instructors involved in NOHA activities will be committed to the HC Instructor Commitment.


NOHA Harassment, Abuse, Bullying, and Misconduct Policy

NOHA Harassment and Abuse Policy – Updated June, 2014
APPENDIX A – Code of Conduct
APPENDIX B – NOHA Executive Code of Ethics
APPENDIX C – Complaint Intake Form
APPENDIX D – Definitions
APPENDIX E – NOHA Social Networking Policy
APPENDIX F – Cellphones
APPENDIX G – Harassment and Abuse Monitoring Form
NOHA Screening Policy – Updated June, 2014
APPENDIX A – Criminal Record Check Policy
APPENDIX B – Risk Assessment Tool
APPENDIX C – Criminal Offence Declaration
APPENDIX D – Position Design and Description
APPENDIX E – Sample Application
APPENDIX F – CRC-VSS Definitions
APPENDIX G – Interview Questions
APPENDIX H – Speakout Policies for Officials
APPENDIX I – FAQ CRC for Officials
Fair Play Codes
1 Fair Play Code – Parents & Spectators
2 Fair Play Code – Officials
3 Fair Play Code – League Organizers & Executive
4 Fair Play Code – Players
5 Fair Play Code – Coaches and Team Staff
Other Information
OHF Dressing Room Policy - Supervision
Co-Ed Dressing Room Policy
Billeting Guidelines