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New Clinic Postings - Coach 1 and Coach 2

The NOHA has released 4 additional coaching clinics in December 2021. If you still need certification, please register for the appropriate course below.

Step 1: Determine which course you need to take in the NOHA Certification Requirements

Step 2: Click the link in the document or use the link below.

Step 3: Once you are registered, you will receive an email from Technical Director Jacob Brown ( the day before the clinic; this email includes everything you will need to attend.

Coach 2 - Coach Level

December 15th | 5:45pm

Coach 1 - Intro to Coach

December 16th | 5:45pm

Coach 1 - Intro to Coach

December 18th | 9:00am

Coach 2 - Coach Level

December 19th | 1:00pm

Please note: If you receive a notice upon trying to register saying “this clinic is not available for this member organization”, please contact

Full participation for each clinic is mandatory in order to obtain certification.


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