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Applications are open for Hockey Canada/IIHF Try Hockey Programs


Hockey Canada’s mission is to ‘’Lead, Develop and Promote Positive Hockey Experiences’’.

One of the objectives identified in Hockey Canada’s Growth & Retention Strategy, is to create a framework for Local Hockey Association support and development.

Deliverables of the Growth & Retention Strategy include exploring opportunities to execute pilots to provide support and development opportunities for our Members and their Associations working towards sustainable growth and increased retention.

Hockey Canada is proud to have successfully obtained funding from the IIHF to support to development of sustainable opportunities for “Try Hockey / Grow the Game” programing – moving forward these pilots will be called IIHF/Hockey Canada Try Hockey Pilots (IIHF HCTHP)



  • Provide turn-key and sustainable opportunities for Local Hockey Associations to execute “Try Hockey / Grow the Game” programs outside of their traditional offerings.

  • Develop a comprehensive approach to offering hockey opportunities, working in partnership with the groups/communities that will be hosting the programs.

  • Understand the different values that each community have – to shape the pilots to be flexible and reflect those values.

  • The learnings of these pilots are important – this will support BEST PRACTICES and STRATEGY to recruit new participants in the future and around the globe.

  • Host a series of webinars to benefit South American Federations and Hockey Canada Members – to exchange on the process and learnings of the pilots.


· Ability for MEMBERS and ASSOCIATIONS to:

  • Develop their own ‘’Grow the Game ‘’ plan (i.e.: Year 1 - Learn to skate, Year 2 – Learn to play, Year 3 – join Local Hockey Association).

o Work with players from their Association to secure on-ice support – and develop new instructors.

o Source equipment locally.

o Promote event locally.

o Collect and share valuable data to develop best practices.

· Ability for HOCKEY CANADA to:

o Draw best practices from all the pilots, allowing us to scale similar programing nationally in future years.

o Share the data collected with Members and Associations – and make it integral part of our Growth and Retention Strategy moving forward.

o Host online webinars with South American Federations to share Best Practices and results.

o Share and celebrate all findings on the Hockey Canada Innovation Exchange (platform used by Hockey Canada and its Members to interact and share best practices on Growth and Retention).


· IIHF funding: 50,000 CHF (approx. $72,000 CDN)

· Hockey Canada funding: $20,000 CDN


· Hockey Canada is currently hosting meetings with all its Members in October to present to plan of the IIHF/HCTHP.

· Members will relay the information down to all their Associations – encouraging them to apply to host a IIHF/HCTHP.

· The application process will open in November – and close after 30 days.

· Based on the budget and on the variety of applications we receive, as well as the different ideas proposed, we plan to execute between 8 to 13 pilots between January 2024 and April 2025.


  • Marketing material to promote the program.

  • Online registration platform.

  • Equipment allocation.

• To assist in the delivery of the pilots, Hockey Canada will be providing the opportunity for selected hosts to receive one of two equipment package option if they are unable to supply the equipment:

• Full equipment package: 36 full sets of equipment – including hockey bag. Please note that replenishments and /or exchange is not available.

• Reduced equipment package: 36 sets of gloves, sticks, helmets, skates and neck guards. Please note that replenishments and /or exchange is not available.

  • Hockey Canada practice jersey.

  • Ice rental subsidy.

  • Honorarium for support staff.

  • Insurance coverage.

Note: The amount of equipment and funding provided will be determined by Hockey Canada, based on the application and depending on the needs of the program


· Programs must be:

o Innovative

§ We are looking for new and exciting ideas to grow the game.

o Flexible

§ Provide no barriers to registration.

§ Make it easy for families to join.

o Outside of regular minor hockey offerings provided.

o Connected with the local community.

o Inclusive and diverse.

o Approved by Provincial Member.


CRITICAL PATH (subject to change)

· November 8, 2023 – Application period opens

· December 6th, 2023 – Application period ends

· December 15, 2023 – Pilots awarded

· January 15, 2024, to April 15, 2024– Winter 2024 pilot window

· August 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024 – Fall 2024 pilot window

· January 15, 2025, to April 15, 2025– Winter 2025 pilot window

· Schedule for webinars with South American Federations to be determined with the IIHF

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Hockey Canada Growth & Retention team at


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