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NOHA Dr. Tom Pashby Trainer of the Year Award - Dr. Robert Lafontaine

Every year, the NOHA recognizes the many Officials and Volunteers who contribute to the game in Northern Ontario. Traditionally, these individuals are recognized at the NOHA Annual General Meeting, however due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be acknowledging all award winners via the NOHA website and our various social media platforms from April 14 to April 23, 2020.

Dr. Tom Pashby Trainer of the Year Award Winner – Dr. Robert Lafontaine (Timmins)

Dr. Lafontaine has been a team trainer for the last 10 consecutive years. In these capacities

he has always exhibited outstanding dedication and service in player safety and risk

management. His professional training and background as an Orthopedic Surgeon has

made him an invaluable hockey volunteer. Dr. Lafontaine exemplifies an extremely high

commitment to player safety and education. Over the years he has assessed and treated

broken collar bones, dislocated patella, placed stitches and has treated many other sport

injuries. In all instances, he has done this at the rink while making the player feel as

comfortable as possible.

What makes this all more remarkable is that he has also treated many other players not on

his teams. Several times over the years he has been called upon to assess and treat other

players who have been injured at the same arena or tournament. He has been a resource

for many players from all over North Eastern Ontario.

Hockey has always been one of his passions. Born and raised in Kapuskasing, he played

hockey as a youth in the KMHA. Despite demanding studies at the University of Ottawa and

Montreal, he continued to play Canada's beloved sport and continues to play hockey to this

day. Better known as Dr Bob, he is a passionate and loyal Boston Bruins fan.

Despite having a very busy and heavy schedule, Dr. Bob still finds the time to be the team

Doctor for the Timmins Rock Junior “A” hockey club.

About the Dr. Tom Pashby Trainer of the Year Award

This Award is given in cooperation between the Hockey Development Centre of Ontario and the NOHA. The Dr. Tom Pashby Trainer of the Year Award recognizes outstanding dedication and service in the areas of Safety & Risk Management in the province of Ontario. The recipient(s) of this award will exemplify commitment to the values of safety, enjoyment, Fair Play, education and integrity in the game of hockey through the Hockey Trainers Certification Program of Ontario. Each member of the HDCO will be selecting a winner and the HDCO will then select a Provincial winner. The NOHA will award its winner at the NOHA Annual General meeting. Eligible recipients must be:

  • May either be in a volunteer or professional capacity.

  • May be active or retired.

  • Must have attained Level III of the HTCP or equivalent.

  • Must be a member of an Ontario CHA Branch/Division.

  • Outstanding achievements in the area of Safety/Risk Management or contribution to the Hockey Trainers Certification Program.


Schedule for announcements

  • April 14, Most Deserving Official – Deborah Topash (North Bay)

  • April 15, Most Improved Official – Nicholas Folz (Sault Ste. Marie)

  • April 16, Most Promising Official (Keith Barton Memorial Award) – Gabe Hare (M’Chigeeng)

  • April 17, Jim Conners Award – Corey Jackson (Sault Ste. Marie)

  • April 20, Rick F. Albert Memorial Award – Stephen Surcon (Schumacher)

  • April 21, Dr. Tom Pashby Trainer of the Year – Dr. Robert Lafontaine (Timmins)

  • April 22, Ken Neeb Memorial Award

  • April 23, Angus Campbell Merit Award

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