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Project 75: The Ken R. Stiles Memorial Scholarship for Officials

The Kenneth R. Stiles Memorial Scholarship was established by “Project 75” and Hockey Canada in recognition of Ken Stiles and his tremendous contribution to grassroots hockey in Canada. Through the vision and leadership of Project 75, many Hockey Canada development programs have received their start. The Hockey Canada Officiating Program of Excellence is an excellent example of this support.

Project 75 is committed to providing Canadian student athletes and officials with access to financial resources to support their pursuit of post secondary education. Ken Stiles was a big part of the Project 75 organization for many years and was a catalyst in planning and designing an initiative aimed at providing players and officials who demonstrate excellence in sport and commitment to education, access to a unique scholarship program.

Kenneth Roy Stiles was born in Didsbury, Alberta. He began his education riding a horse to a one-room schoolhouse three miles from the family farm near Didsbury. He attended the Vermilion School of Agriculture as well as the University of Alberta, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Economics. Ken's career included farming and ranching, management of growing and successful law firms, senior management positions, and directorships in a variety of Alberta industries. He played a significant role in the support of many Hockey Canada initiatives.

A former leader of the Meadowbank 4-H Beef Club, he was also a founding member of the Pekisko Landowners' Association and was dedicated to the preservation of fescue grasslands on the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains. He is among the last of a generation who knows what it was to farm with horses. All who knew him respected his warmth, intelligence, honour, sage counsel and the unbreakable value of his handshake.


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