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Team NOHA Takes Home Their First Win of the 2018 OHL Gold Cup

(Photo courtesy of Hickling Photography)

Kitchener, Ont. – Team NOHA won their first game of the 2018 OHL Gold Cup 6-5 in overtime against Team OMHA Black on Thursday in Game 4 of the 2018 OHL Gold Cup at Activa Sportsplex in Kitchener, Ontario.

An eleven-goal game, thanks to Giordano Biondi with just 24 seconds left in the third and Gavin Brown, assisted by Biondi scoring the game winning goal in overtime.

Jesse Kirkby gave Team NOHA an early lead from, Justin Dauphinais at 4:26.

Team NOHA notched another one thanks to Giordano Biondi, unassisted.

Jacob Vreugdenhill closed the lead for Team OMHA Black from Jake Murray, James Hardie.

And Ethan Cardwell tied it up at Team OMHA Black, from Evan Vierling, Brody Waters.

The only goal of the second came from Tyson Foerster for Team OMHA Black on the power play from Jacob Vreugdenhill with less than a minute left.

Hunter Brazier scored the first of the third for Team NOHA, from David Campbell.

Shortly after Ethan Cardwell scored for Team OMHA Black on the power play from Brody Waters, Zack Terry.

Team NOHA tied it back up with a goal by Gavin Brown from Justin Mauro, Giordano Biondi.

Quinton Byfield took back the lead with less than four left in the third for Team OMHA Black from Ty Collins, James Hardie.

And Giordano Biondi scored on the power play to tie it up with less than 30 seconds left Team NOHA from Gavin Brown, Pacey Schlueting to send them to overtime.

However, Gavin Brown needed only 1:40 to give Team NOHA their first win of the tournament from Giordano Biondi.

Players of the game were David Campbell for Team NOHA and Ethan Cardwell for Team OMHA Black.


“That was awesome. It felt good to be the first NOHA team to beat one of those guys,” said David Campbell for Team NOHA, following the game. “It felt amazing.” “We just want to keep improving with the team and myself, we know we can compete with every team in the tourney and I hope we can win the whole thing.”

“I love the team it’s just a great atmosphere around here. It’s definitely a great event coming together with the guys I play against all year round. Definitely a tough break tonight but we will come back strong tomorrow and its just great experience,” said Ethan Cardwell for Team OMHA Black directly after the game.

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