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NOHA Awards 2017-2018

Once again we are seeking nominations from our Associations/Teams for the various awards available from the NOHA. To submit a nomination, please complete the attached nomination form and submit by March 15.

Angus Campbell Merit Award

The Angus Campbell Merit Award, named after the founder of the Northern Ontario Hockey Association, is an order of merit in hockey, awarded by the NOHA, to an individual for outstanding service to the game other than as a player. Such outstanding service must have been for a period of not less than ten years continuous duration. This award may be presented to any person who has rendered such service to any organized hockey association or member clubs anywhere in the NOHA.

Ken Neeb Memorial Award

This special achievement award will be presented to those individuals, other than athletes, who have made an outstanding contribution to minor hockey in Northern Ontario. The award was established in 1975 in memory of the late Ken Neeb, NOHA convener for the Noranda district. Ken was a great promoter of minor hockey and was one of the founding members of the Kiwanis PeeWee Hockey Tournament, held annually in Noranda during the month of February. March 15th of each year is the deadline for receipt of nominations for the Ken Neeb Special Achievement Award.

Rick F. Albert Award

This award is to be presented to a person or association which has been instrumental in the area of development within the NOHA. The award can be given to an individual involved in Coaching, Refereeing, Training or the Initiation Programs, one who has developed a program which has been incorporated to the benefit of hockey or a person who has dedicated a great deal of time and effort to development within the NOHA. This award could also be presented to a hockey association who through its efforts during a hockey season has furthered the advancement of development within the NOHA.

Dr. Tom Pashby Trainer of the Year Award

This Award is given in cooperation between the Hockey Development Centre of Ontario and the NOHA. The Dr. Tom Pashby Trainer of the Year Award recognizes outstanding dedication and service in the areas of Safety & Risk Management in the province of Ontario. The recipient(s) of this award will exemplify commitment to the values of safety, enjoyment, Fair Play, education and integrity in the game of hockey through the Hockey Trainers Certification Program of Ontario. Each member of the HDCO will be selecting a winner and the HDCO will then select a Provincial winner. The NOHA will award its winner at the NOHA Annual General meeting. Eligible recipients must be:

  • May either be in a volunteer or professional capacity.

  • May be active or retired.

  • Must have attained Level III of the HTCP or equivalent.

  • Must be a member of an Ontario CHA Branch/Division.

  • Outstanding achievements in the area of Safety/Risk Management or contribution to the Hockey Trainers Certification Program.

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