Hockey University, Hockey Canada’s premiere online resource for Hockey education is available now.


Looking to become a Coach, or Official? Your first stop is Hockey University. This engaging, interactive online platform provides the baseline of information you need as you start on your path to rewarding new experiences, and it’s all done at your convenience wherever you access the Internet.


Hockey University programs are completed online using any PC or MAC based computer and offer the following benefits:

  • No travel or entire weekends away from home to complete the training

  • Effective cost management for yourself and your hockey organization

  • The convenience of completing programs on your schedule

  • Instant credit for program completion and recognition of your qualification applied directly to your HCR profile

  • Numerous handouts and additional resources you can access and print as often as you like or need

  • Post completion access to review lessons and sharpen your skills


Two programs are available through Hockey University:

  • HU – Online Coach 1/2. This program addresses the core knowledge every new coach must have as they begin their coaching career. The Coaching Code of Ethics, Skills, Drills and Thrills, Dealing with Athletes, Dealing with Parents, and the Philosophy of Coaching are just some of the topics covered in this approximately 4 hour program. The HU – Online Coach program is delivered in two parts. In Part A, you complete the online program. In Part B, you lace up, step on the ice and put what you learned to work.

  • HU – Officiating 1/2. This program is the first step for all new Hockey Officials in Canada. It’s an honour wearing the Hockey Canada logo on your shoulder, and your Branch or Provincial crest on your chest, but this honour comes with responsibility. You are representing Hockey in your community and are there to help ensure a safe, respectful and fair hockey environment for everyone. The Officiating 1/2 stream of Hockey University provides the basic information every new official needs. You’ll learn everything from the Divisions of the Ice to the proper way to conduct Face-Offs, how to determine penalties and referee positioning. It’s the baseline of information you need before you ever put on the stripes. This program is completed in 2 parts. In Part A, you complete the online program. In Part B, you will spend time with a master referee for a comprehensive in class session.


Click on the Hockey University button below to access your HCR account and start your journey as a role model and mentor to young hockey players across Canada.